Language, Timothy

30 Mar

I like to spice up my business communication with a bit of analogy now and then. I think that adding the odd fruity turn of phrase helps deliver your message in a convenient package for the end user.

In the age of digital communication, conveying your meaning to a stranger without picking up a telephone is tricky – hidden meaning is found where there was none, subtleties are lost when they were in full view.

But today even I had to stop myself from finishing this paragraph.

Like Russian winter swimmers, we have cut through the ice of technical documents and plunged headfirst into a cold lake of API goodness. We were already familiar with API version 3.0, having done a fairly extensive integration with a previous client, so that was our layer of goose fat


I’ve also had to can this minor gem

That said, I am aware that the API structures won’t always allow the developer behind the curtain in the Emerald Palace.

(this post previously appeared on bring back tables)

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