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Don’t you find it annoying when your designer reports that the site is ‘jumping’ only for you to discover that the reason it’s jumping is that some pages are longer than others and your browser puts in the scrollbar? There’s a simple solution I found a year ago that is the solution to this problem: […]

Here’s how to turn off the number count on the Facebook like button. We’ll go from the image on the left to the image on the right in 5 minutes: Get your FB Like code Get the iframe version. Set width to 56 and all options off. Enclose your FB iframe in a div Let’s […]

Ever wondered how to make Microsoft Excel open UTF8 encoded CSVs properly? Me, too. The Problem Recently we had a problem with a client whereby their MySQL DB was UTF8, all controllers, models and views were UTF8, the Content-Transfer-Encoding was UTF8, but still Excel converted them to ISO Latin 1. The Solution The solution took me […]

Download the Automator file, click run, locate your app/view folder. Thtml to ctp Automator file or use the App instead

You may not have noticed, but the winds of change are blowing through the corridors of the world wide web. I’m not talking about obvious changes, like increased usage of HTML5, CSS3, and jQuery, but a change in the attitudes of web developers across the globe. There was a time, not so many years ago, […]

I have a few clients who use IntelliTxt, the “in-text” advertising platform from Vibrant Media. Mostly, you simply add some JS at the bottom of your page and IntelliTxt scans your HTML for keywords that advertisers have bid on. But I had a situation today where I wanted to exclude a certain section of the […]

Sometimes, I need to keep the static site that runs off the G4 updated with live data. Most notably with web orders and any products that are updated on the live CMS. So, to begin with, I built a bespoke function that would spit out data and a process that would ingest this data. But […]

Turns out, the G4 really doesn’t like CakePHP all that much. Whilst I had tested the system on the G4, I hadn’t tested it in a shop full noise, children and mothers anxious to pay and leave. Waiting 2-3 seconds for a barcode item to enter the system once it has been scanned is simply […]

As well as being able to scan barcodes to get products, I wanted staff to be able to keyword search products or simply scroll through the list of all products. I have uploaded a quick video of the infinite scroll to youtube, so please take a quick peek and see how it’s done below… First, […]

I’m in the backroom right now, handcoding some HTML for my wife’s website. The kids are going to sleep in their room down the hall. I suddenly get the feeling that the future may not look on developers as shining guardians of morality and common sense, whose hard work and openness shone a beacon for […]