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I’m not sure why I even bothered, after getting the usual ‘Streaming BBC iPlayer programmes on a 3G connection is blah blah blah’, but today I thought I’d catch a bit of Hidden whilst walking to lunch.  To my surprise, it loaded up fine. Hidden, then Panorama, all shows on the current BBC iPlayer mobile […]

What adverts to you remember from your childhood? For me the answer is littered with ads that no-one bothered to record for posterity. You know, the one that went “Hey Crusader, have you any nuts? I’ve got mixed nuts and raisins and salted cashews…” No? OK, how about the Carlsberg short ads where the guy […]

The world of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is inhabited by shady shysters and good-intentioned geeks alike. The problem for most people is separating the well intentioned from the wilfully misleading. The whole field of SEO is almost designed to be intimidating: From the ubiquitous buzzwords (Link Juice, Long Tail, Deep Linking, SERPs etc.) to the […]