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I was looking through Google Analytics stats recently to see how many poor old sods there are who still use IE8 and it surprised me that the audience share of the Internet Explorer suite of browsers was less than 11%. The reason that surprised me was that IE was still in the top 3 browsers […]

When OK! Magazine relaunched its website recently, I wasn’t expecting much. Another (somewhat) high profile responsive site that completely disintegrates in IE6, IE7 & IE8. Remember that for users of windows XP, IE8 is the latest Internet Explorer browser that they can access and is still the 2nd most popular IE browser, with 25% of […]

Every now and again, you come across an unGoogleable problem. This particular one drove me nuts… The Problem I have a new SVN project on an Ubuntu box. I copy files from my Mac desktop to this project via AFP (dragging and dropping with the Ubuntu box mounted as a /Volume) and clean up any […]

Ever wondered how to make Microsoft Excel open UTF8 encoded CSVs properly? Me, too. The Problem Recently we had a problem with a client whereby their MySQL DB was UTF8, all controllers, models and views were UTF8, the Content-Transfer-Encoding was UTF8, but still Excel converted them to ISO Latin 1. The Solution The solution took me […]