Mac Web Based Till System – Considerations & solutions

1 Jan

The initial momentum for the till system came from not being able to find suitable solutions out there to suit our needs. To that end, here are is an incomplete list of things I need a till system to do:

  1. Act like a Casio till. Simples.
  2. Ability to connect to current online toy shop, and do menial tasks like stock synching, end of day synchronisation etc.
  3. Ability to add discounts to sales.
  4. As we are using G4 powerbook and not a touchscreen system, we want all of the actions, or at least all of the most common actions, to be executable by keyboard shortcut.

As 1,2 and 3 would be in my hands, I thought I should investigate #4. As Google Docs use keyboard shortcuts, I was fairly certain this was achievable.

After an hour or so, I was able to come up with a solution with a mac hack for command rather than control.

The solution was to use the excellent jQuery plugin HotKeys, using the mac hack that radufu suggests on the wiki page.

You can download the version I am using (with the mac hack already in place) right here.

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