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  The latest in a series of Eureka moments concerning deviously tricky problems, this one drove me nuts. But it’s over now. Monster’s gone. Think of this as therapy. The Problem One of our clients (The Daily Express) had an issue affecting YouTube videos on their site. When they embedded the new(-ish) iFrame code on […]

Seems that iOS 7 has had a bit of a mixed review since its launch less than a week ago, but today I came across an issue which will bring your site down for iOS 7 users in certain circumstances. Select Boxes now ignore onBlur The site we had the problem with is a car warranty […]

This post is for anyone who has struggled to get rid of the Mountain Lion Mac software update notification. All other notification badges have a ‘Cancel’ button, but software update only has ‘More Details’ and ‘Update’. Sometimes I’ve left that notification sitting on my desktop for weeks. Sounds stupid, right? Well, yes, it’s pretty stupid and […]

  iTunes match doesn’t seem to be working on iOS6 for a lot of people. Every device of mine was fine until iOS6 and the iPhone5. When I went to play a song, the phone waited for a second or so, and then went crazy. It skipped to the next song and the next song […]

Why are Apple making developing websites with Safari a pain? It used to be my favourite tool, but recent changes in Mountain Lion will make Safari my least-favoured browser. No RSS You can see the argument for deprecating RSS feeds. They’re a bit like cassette tapes: cherished by a dwindling minority and ignored by the […]

Every now and again, you come across an unGoogleable problem. This particular one drove me nuts… The Problem I have a new SVN project on an Ubuntu box. I copy files from my Mac desktop to this project via AFP (dragging and dropping with the Ubuntu box mounted as a /Volume) and clean up any […]

It’s been over a year since Apple announced that they were going to kill off MobileMe galleries but I think I have just found a decent replacement. Zing Zang is a completely free alternative to MobileMe that doesn’t clog up your hard drive, as DropBox would, and that has no ads whatsoever. The interface uses […]

For the past few weeks, my mac mini has been cursed by the spinning beachball of death. My mac was so slow, I couldn’t perform simple operations like opening up a new browser window without waiting a minute or so. I was at my wits end and even tried erasing the HD and starting again, […]