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Turns out, the G4 really doesn’t like CakePHP all that much. Whilst I had tested the system on the G4, I hadn’t tested it in a shop full noise, children and mothers anxious to pay and leave. Waiting 2-3 seconds for a barcode item to enter the system once it has been scanned is simply […]

Right – sorry there’s been no news of late: I broke a bone in my foot, which means I have been out of action for a week. Doctors say it will take at least 6 weeks, but in the developer tradition, I have decided that I should aim to make it a week early just […]

So, not long into the problem and we have our first problem. The issue is how we print and open the till drawer.By default the till drawer does not open when you print something. There seems to be no way of  altering the preferences to open till drawer by default. There’s also another little niggle […]