Mac based till system – an apology

29 Dec

Right – sorry there’s been no news of late: I broke a bone in my foot, which means I have been out of action for a week.

Doctors say it will take at least 6 weeks, but in the developer tradition, I have decided that I should aim to make it a week early just to be on the safe side. So:

Ice Baths for the foot (actually Ice Clairol Foot Spas for the foot)

Stretching the calf muscles, which seem to have atrophied alarmingly in the past week.

Rolling foot back and forth on top of can of beans.

Taking calcium tablets and other vitamin supplements.

But all of these add up to a frightfully tiring day. I’m currently sleeping almost 11 hours per day (usually 7 or 8 hrs ) and it still isn’t enough.

I started the till system again yesterday, and will keep the blog updated with more news and problems.

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